DOT Cautions Residents, Businesses Pandemic Restrictions Could Affect Storm Operations

The county’s Department of Transportation is cautioning residents and businesses that pandemic-related restrictions on personnel could slow the department’s response in areas affected by a winter storm. Crews began arriving Tuesday to pretreat area roads with salt brine to prevent frost and ice from forming, making snow removal easier. The county policy is to start clearing about 5,200 miles of county-maintained roads when the snow reaches three inches in depth.

County Issues Cold Emergency Alert

The county has issued a cold emergency alert until 1 p.m. tomorrow, Jan. 31. Wind chill temperatures during this time are expected to dip to below zero, which can cause frostbite within 30 minutes, or lead to hypothermia, or both. The county recommends that residents stay indoors as much as possible. Anyone who must work or be outdoors for any … Read More

Keep these things in mind as snowstorm winds down

Photo by Mike Diegel As the today’s snowstorm winds down, there are a few things to keep in mind during the aftermath. Be mindful of the state and county snow emergency routes, designated with red and white signs. Parking on these streets during a declared emergency is illegal, and vehicles must have snow or all-weather tires, or chains, to drive … Read More