Eggspectation has Permanently Closed

Eggspectation, located at 923 Ellsworth Drive in Downtown Silver Spring, has permanently closed, according to Twitter reports and signage posted at the restaurant.

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Montgomery Planning Releases FAQ on 8787 Georgia Redevelopment

Montgomery Planning has released an FAQ on the redevelopment of its former headquarters property at 8787 Georgia Ave. The document includes an explanation of the plan for trees, including replacement of those that must be taken down due to the excavation and grading that will be needed.

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County Council Introduces Appropriation for Childcare Assistance

Childcare providers and working families with school-age children could receive financial support via a special appropriation introduced by the County Council yesterday. The appropriation of nearly $7.7 million would include $1.8 million provide grants to full day, school-age childcare services reopening in Montgomery County Public Schools buildings.

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El Sapo Reopens Today for Indoor Dining

El Sapo Cuban Social Club will reopen its indoor dining space beginning today (Tuesday, Sept. 22), according to an announcement from the restaurant’s management. Dining capacity will be limited to 50 percent to comply with the county’s pandemic restrictions and reservations are “highly recommended,” the announcement reads.

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  1. Disqus: Damn! I just ate there 9 days ago. They had a good crowd and I thought they were doing OK.

    Commented on: Eggspectation has Permanently Closed

  2. whycantwejustloveeverybody: That really sucks. I ordered from them a couple times during COVID. I’ll have to start ordering more delivery from local restaurants. If Negril closes, I’m done.

    Commented on: Eggspectation has Permanently Closed

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