Hop to It for Photos With the Easter Bunny

Hop to it! The Easter Bunny is hopping over to Ellsworth Place to share some carrots and take a few photos with your little bunnies. So, put your ears on and hop over to join the Easter Bunny for a free 5 x 7” photo with you and your friends. [sponsored]

Tips For Discussing In-Home Care With Seniors

Approaching the topic of in-home care can be tricky. After all, admitting we need help is tough at any age! However, with a thoughtful approach, a few expert tips, and a whole lot of compassion, you can have a productive and respectful conversation with your senior loved one about their wants and needs surrounding in-home care. [sponsored]

Older Driver Safety Awareness Week: Advice for Safe Travels

Driving provides mobility and independence to older adults. However, driving requires dividing your attention between multiple activities and reacting quickly to situations that often arise without warning. As people age, we experience declines in vision, physical functioning and reflexes, and cognitive functioning. These changes negatively impact older adults’ driving abilities. These issues are compounded by age-related fragility, which makes seniors more likely to be injured or killed in a crash. According to the CDC, car crashes kill 20 and injure 540 seniors every day. [sponsored]