Since the demise of the Gazette, many Silver Springers have lamented the loss of that local news outlet. In addition, The Washington Post (which owned the Gazette) continues to cut local coverage. The Source of the Spring was founded to help fill that void by focusing on the news, people, issues and other information about, and affecting, Silver Spring and Takoma Park. Our coverage area coincides with the borders of the communities served by the Silver Spring Regional Service Center, which encompasses the area south of the beltway, Four Corners, east to the Prince George County line, south to the Washington D.C. line and west to Rock Creek Park.

We encourage news tips and information related to this area of Silver Spring. You may remain anonymous if you so choose, but please let us know how to contact you with questions or other follow up. Send tips here.

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Mike Mowery

Mike Mowery


Mike Mowery is an active community member and business owner. He is a founding member of Source of the Spring, partner of Fenton Street Market, director of Leo’s Run, and president of Outerloop Group, a music management firm and record label representing 40-plus internationally recognized artists. Mike holds a bachelor of science degree in environmental studies from the University of California at Santa Barbara. He lives in East Silver Spring with his wife Caroline.

Mike Diegel

Mike Diegel


Mike Diegel, a founding member of Source of the Spring, is a Silver Spring advocate who has been appointed by the county executive to several committees and task forces. He currently is a member of the Silver Spring Arts & Entertainment District Advisory Committee. His background is in journalism and he earned a bachelor of arts in communications from McDaniel College. He is self-employed as a communications consultant and is an active volunteer with Appalachian Great Pyrenees Rescue. He has lived for more than 20 years in Northwood/Four Corners with his wife Trish and multiple Great Pyrenees dogs. He is better known around Silver Spring as the Guy with the Big White Dogs.