County Libraries to Reduce Hours

Montgomery County Public Libraries will temporarily reduce their contactless pickup hours of service to 48 hours weekly beginning Sunday, Jan. 24, according to a press release.

Krazy Steve’s Plans to Close Later This Month

Krazy Steve’s Comfort Cuisine will close later this month, according to owner Stephen Adelson. The planned closing date at this point, he said Sunday, will be on or about Jan. 21. “I have catering gigs scheduled up until basically the day of our closing,” he said. “We’re open for business [until then].”

Pet of the Week: “He coos like a pigeon when announcing himself.”

“Pumpernickel (a.k.a. Nicky) just wants to be in the mix. He was adopted with his brother and sister, but quickly stood out as the chocolate velvet star. He coos like a pigeon when announcing himself, has a high-pitched meow for when he’s hungry, and a deep purr when he’s properly attended to. As kitty parents we recently came to realize that often his agitated whining isn’t for food or treats, but to be held in our arms where he purrs contentedly as he looks out from high above his kingdom. He is only five months old but already seeking big adventures. We hope we can keep him on his toes, and that, even when he’s all grown, he still lets us baby him from time to time.”

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