CAIR Condemns Vandalism in Takoma Park

The Maryland office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) yesterday condemned an act of vandalism where a swastika was spray-painted onto the back of a vehicle in Takoma Park, and welcomed a hate crime investigation by local authorities into the incident.

Pet of the Week: “Good luck getting her to give you a paw.”

“Meeko is an unemployed 3 year old Australian cattle dog mix that loves to cuddle. She loves a good scritch on the butt and will gladly “sit” for you, but good luck getting her to give you a “paw.” Any D.C. trail is a good place for her to release the zoomies, but the Rock Creek opening in Silver Spring is her go-to. Meeko will gladly run with you (or herd you) and then drop on her back for belly rubs. Don’t fall for it or you’ll gain another shadow.”