Takoma Park to Provide Grants, Rebates for Weatherization, Energy Savings

The City of Takoma Park is making residential sustainability grants available to income-qualified residents for weatherization and energy efficiency upgrades, including insulation, draft reduction, and potentially heating and cooling equipment and appliances.

“Through a special grant from the Maryland Energy Administration, in conjunction with BlockChain Frontiers Foundation, the City of Takoma Park low-to-moderate income homeowners are eligible for FREE efficiency upgrades,” the website reads. “The upgrades available may include: insulation, draft reduction, caulking, weatherizing, appliances (refrigerator, washing machine, water heater, dishwasher), heating, and cooling equipment. Additional assistance may be available for solar panels for well qualified applicants.

“A minimum level of possible energy use reduction is required. Based on the results of the required energy audit, BlockChain Frontiers Foundation will identify the specific energy efficiency upgrades you are eligible for. Homeowners have final approval of the upgrade list, however the scope of work may be required on an all or nothing basis. All approved work will be completed for FREE.”

Rebates of up to $500 are also available for all residents who make energy efficiency improvements, according to the City’s Residential Grants and Rebates website.

Applications for the rebates and grants are available online, and must be received by March 31. Applications will be accepted on a first come first served basis until grant funds are exhausted. Maximum annual gross income requirements to qualify for the grants range from $69,800 for a family of 1, to $131,600 for a family of 8.

Additionally, residents looking to keep the cold air out, warm air in, and reduce utility bills at home can get a free energy saving kit from the Montgomery County Office of Environmental Protection. The Love Where You Live Home Comfort Kits contain door sweeps, rope caulk for those leaky windows, window insulation kits, and more.

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