Revenue Authority Scraps Barbecue Concept at Sligo Creek Golf Course

The Montgomery County Revenue Authority has scrapped the barbecue concept at Sligo Pit BBQ, according to Wayne Rohauer, the authority’s director of operations.

The authority operates the county’s nine public golf courses, including Sligo Creek Golf Course at 9701 Sligo Creek Parkway. The group converted the clubhouse snack bar into Sligo Pit in the spring of 2019.

“Due to the pandemic we had to take a hard look at that part of our operation,” Rohauer told the Source via email. “Our production facility for the barbecue was designed to also produce the product for all of the golf outings that our nine courses did on an annual basis. For the most part, the pandemic shut those down.”

Rohauer said that it would have been “extremely costly to our production area” to keep the barbecue operation going, and the group decided to shut it down.

However, he said, the authority is working on a new menu and a new format for the restaurant.

The golf course in June 2019 also began showcasing local bands on the restaurant’s patio on Friday nights, and Rohauer addressed that aspect as well.

“We have also been putting plans in place to resume the popular outdoor concerts at Sligo Creek in anticipation of the county opening outdoor areas to gatherings once again,” Rohaurer said.

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Source file photo by Mike Diegel

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