Vablonsky Explores Mi La Cay: A Deep Dive into Maryland’s Most Unique Fried Chicken

The area’s restaurant scene continues to garner recognition on both local and national levels for its exceptional quality and diverse offerings.

Local food vlogger Corbo Eng, known by the pseudonym Vablonsky, recently paid a visit to Mi La Cay in Wheaton to review their unique dish, the Crispy Maryland Chicken (R1 – Cơm Đỏ Gà Xối Mỡ), a standout fried chicken option in the region:

On this episode, I seek out some fried chicken that’s served at a local Vietnamese restaurant. It’s a striking reddish orange. And, it comes with a bed of rice that’s similarly colored. The chicken is curiously called, “Maryland Chicken.” Named for the state, where this Vietnamese restaurant is located, that surrounds the capital city of Washington, DC. I try to figure it all out. Plus, I also get an order of quail too. Why not? It’s another tasty bird on the same menu.

Mi La Cay, located at 2409 University Blvd. W in Wheaton, has been recognized in Eater D.C.’s compilation of essential Vietnamese restaurants. Described in Eater’s “Where to Eat in Wheaton” as an “easy choice for Vietnamese pho and other staples like grilled pork and vermicelli noodles,” the restaurant stands out for its fast service and budget-friendly prices.

Additionally, Mi La Cay earned a spot in Washingtonian Magazine’s Cheap Eats list in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 for offering the “best bánh mì outside of Falls Church” and a variety of flavorful small plates, such as lacquered quail with lime dip and grape leaves filled with beef, onions, and black pepper.

Photo: Vablonsky / YouTube

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