Sharing The Spotlight: Fire Pit Brazilian BBQ, Kantutas Featured in WETA’s ‘Signature Dish’

Two local restaurants — Fire Pit Brazilian BBQ and Kantutas — will be highlighted in the upcoming episode of WETA’s ‘Signature Dish‘ TV series, airing on Monday, March 11.

In the “Savoring South America” episode (videos below), host Seth Tillman will embark on a culinary journey through the vibrant and diverse flavors of South America. The exploration kicks off at Fire Pit Brazilian BBQ in Rockville, featuring their succulent picanha steak. Moving on to Arlington, Va., viewers will witness the tantalizing nikkei ceviche at Inca Social, where a whole tuna is skillfully prepared. The gastronomic adventure wraps up in Wheaton at Kantutas, showcasing their signature dish, silpancho, a Bolivian delight loaded with steak, eggs, rice, and potatoes.

Catch the episode airing at 8 p.m. on March 11 on WETA Metro, with a repeat at 9 p.m. on WETA PBS.

Last year, Fire Pit Brazilian BBQ was revealed as the first tenant of the Solaire Social food hall in downtown Silver Spring. According to Washington Post food critic Tim Carman, owner Gui Gonzalez’s take on churrasco offers a modern and affordable twist compared to traditional Brazilian steakhouses.

Describing the Brazilian specialty picanha steak, Carman notes that the cut’s name, translating to “rump steak” or “rump cap,” signifies its origin from the steer’s hind end, featuring a thick fat cap that Gonzalez expertly prepares for a perfect sear on the grill:

The cut’s very name tells you something: Translated into English, picanha means “rump steak” or “rump cap,” carved from the hind end of the steer. Picanha boasts a thick fat cap, which Gonzalez trims before searing the whole cut on the grill to give it a good crust. He’ll slice the picanha, then throw the bite-size portions into a grill basket. If you don’t tell him what temperature you desire, you’ll get your picanha medium.

Fire Pit made its debut in 2022 at 804 Rockville Pike in the Golden Arcade shopping center. Hailing from Porto Alegre, the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, Gonzalez draws inspiration from his roots where Fogo de Chão opened its first restaurant.

Solaire Social, the first of two food halls announced for downtown Silver Spring, commenced construction last June. The 11-tenant food hall, curated by Chef Akhtar Nawab of Hospitality HQ, is being built by Springfield, Va.-based contractor ADI Construction.

Initially planned to open in Spring 2023, Solaire Social is now projected to open at the Solaire 8200 Dixon apartment building later this year, following Commas at Ellsworth Place.

Photo: Amanda Lee for WETA

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