Cielo Rojo’s Pozole Verde Featured in ‘Signature Dish’

Cielo Rojo’s Pozole Verde has been featured in the season premiere of WETA’s Signature Dish.

During the first episode of Signature Dish’s second season, which aired Monday night, host Seth Tillman visited Preserve in Annapolis and Caruso’s Grocery in Capitol Hill, as well as Cielo Rojo (video below). WETA also launched the Signature Dish Restaurant Guide alongside the new season.

“We feel very honored to take a part in WETA’s Signature Dish,” co-owner Carolina McCandless said to the Source earlier this month. “We have watched the show and are big fans! We appreciate the care they take to really get to know the background of the food they feature and their focus on small businesses in the DMV.”

“The pozole verde is such a hearty and comforting dish, perfect for the comfort food-themed episode we’re kicking off our second season with,” Signature Dish host Seth Tillman said. “The fresh vegetables and all the herbs really have a chance to shine, and the spicy kick from the peppers and the acidity from the tomatillos balances the dish perfectly.

“I also liked that the dish featured hominy, which is corn that has been nixtamalized (a process that involves soaking and cooking the corn in an alkaline solution) and cooked until it begins to “bloom,” Tillman continued. “Corn is at the center of Mexican cuisine and certainly at the center of Cielo Rojo’s menu, so it was great to feature a dish that showcases Carolina and David’s commitment to sourcing and cooking heirloom varietals from Mexico.”

The full episode can be viewed on the Signature Dish website.

Photo: WETA PBS / YouTube

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