Crave Café to Open at 1200 East-West Highway

Crave Café will open at the former home of Bump ‘n Grind at 1200 East-West Highway in downtown Silver Spring, the Source has learned.

Despite the fact that there is very little information available about this restaurant, the newly-established Instagram account @cravecafesilverspring describes the café as one that is “excited to highlight our cultured roots and offer historic coffee from various Caribbean countries offering some of the best coffee in the world.”

The café will fill a void left by Bump ‘n Grind’s closure in May of 2021. Bump ‘n Grind has since opened kiosks at the Brigadier General Charles E. McGee Library and Moorenko’s Ice Cream, as well as its flagship Analog Market in downtown Silver Spring.

“For the local residents mourning the loss of Bump n’ Grind and the other eateries in that complex, this is HUGE,” reader Rebecca C. wrote in a message to the Source. “We have been mourning the loss of a community gathering space for years, and would be very eager to learn more about the plans for this space. My fingers are crossed they will have some vegetarian options and a bar.”

The Source will update as more information becomes available.

Photo by David Lay (Thanks to Rebecca C., Mike E. & Leigh T. for the tips!)

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