Black Lion Café Now Open in Downtown Silver Spring

Black Lion Café is now open at the Fenton Silver Spring apartment complex at 8240 Fenton St. in downtown Silver Spring, according to reports on social media.

The coffee house and roastery, which began its soft opening today, was originally scheduled to open in November of last year. Due to construction and permitting delays, the opening had been postponed until January 2. An Instagram post indicated that the opening was once again delayed due to staff training in January. “…we are currently undergoing training,” a representative said on Instagram. “But stay excited because we will be opening soon!”

It was eventually necessary for the café to post a sign on the door stating that “we are not open yet!” because neighborhood coffee lovers assumed that they were open due to activity inside the shop.

The downtown Silver Spring location is the second for the Rockville-based coffee shop and roaster. Owned by Emmanuel Manoles, Black Lion Café specializes in Ethiopian coffees from the Sidama, Harrar, and Yirgacheffe regions.

Black Lion Café’s operating hours are from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

Black Lion Café Graphic (h/t Liz Brent / Good News Silver Spring)

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