Black Lion Café: “We Are Not Open Yet!”

Black Lion Café has posted a “we are not open yet!” sign on its door as anticipation builds surrounding their delayed opening.

The downtown Silver Spring location was initially scheduled to open in November of last year, but was postponed until Jan. 2 due to delays in the construction and permitting process.

According to an Instagram post, the opening was yet again delayed in January due to staff training. “…we are currently undergoing training,” a representative said on Instagram. “But stay excited because we will be opening soon!”

There has not yet been an announcement regarding a new opening date.

Emmanuel Manoles owns the Rockville-based coffee shop and roaster, specializing in Ethiopian coffees from the Sidama, Harrar, and Yirgacheffe regions, which are all roasted in small batches on-site.

Black Lion Café is located in the Fenton Silver Spring apartment complex at 8240 Fenton St. in downtown Silver Spring.

Photo by David Lay

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