Morning My Day Café Planning to Open in Arrive Building

Morning My Day café is planning to open at 1305 Fenwick Lane in the Arrive Silver Spring apartment building, according to signs on the building and posted on the door.

The Source has little information at this point. However, one sign says the menu will include fresh-baked Japan bread, sweet and savory crepes, Belgian waffles, chiffon cake, bubble tea, and coffee.

Googling “Japan bread” turns up several options, so it’s unclear what type (or types) will be on the menu. Various sources, however, say the most common type is shokupan, Japanese milk bread. It is described as “very airy and sweeter than other white bread around the world.” It is also sometimes made with rice flour.

The Source will provide updates as more information becomes available.

Photos by David Lay. h/t Reddit user jobogo2

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