Sietsema: Parkway Deli “Still Nails the Comfort”

The quality and diversity of the restaurant scene in Silver Spring continues to earn attention and accolades from national food media.

In his review of Parkway Deli published yesterday, The Washington Post’s Tom Sietsema wrote that despite some miscues, the Silver Spring institution nails comfort food and friendly service:

Can we talk? The blueberry pancakes are tough and the hash browns inside the omelets are underdone. I like the Reuben, though. Grilled rye bread packing shaved corned beef, tangy sauerkraut, sweet Russian dressing and melted Swiss pushes all the right buttons. Same for the affable service, and the banter at the counter that comes from staff knowing longtime customers. There’s something to be said for a place that has outlasted so many other area attempts at “deli.”

Sietsema also noted that while the popular pickle bar was removed because of covid, Parkway owner Danny Gurewitz said he thinks he might bring it back sometime soon.

Graphic: Parkway Deli/Facebook

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