Silver Spring Restaurant Scene Continues to Get National Attention

The quality and diversity of the restaurant scene in Silver Spring continues to earn attention and accolades from national food media.

La Casita Pupuseria & Market is featured in a Bon Appétit magazine article titled “To Travel the D.C. Beltway is to Sample the Flavors of the World.”

In addition, Only in Your State, a website where travel writers highlight “the hidden gems, little known attractions, and natural wonders of each of our 50 unique states,” includes five Silver Spring restaurants in an article titled “This Maryland City Is One Of The Most Diverse Culinary Destinations In The U.S.”

In his Bon Appétit article, writer Amiel Stanek said, “The cheetah-spotted disks of griddled masa served here, some oozing with real imported quesillo, are outstanding, as is the pan de dia, a steamy breakfast sandwich stuffed with eggs, beans, crema, and avocado.”

(Stanek also included Wheaton’s Ruan Thai, another local favorite.)

Only in Your State’s Jamie Alvarenga writes that Silver Spring “has just about every kind of restaurant you can imagine.”

He goes on to list five favorites: Amina Thai, Beteseb, Crisfield’s, Mi Rancho and Pacci’s Trattoria, with brief comments.

The two articles come during the same week that a gyro from The Big Greek Café was included in a story about the country’s 10 best gyros.

Screenshot from Google Street View

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