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Mindfulness Test Taking For Teens (ONLINE VERSION)

May 8 @ 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm


  • We help students maintain a calm mind in the face of intense pressure to perform. Offered on select Sundays in our Silver Spring offices of The Sequence Institute, this 90 minute class provides high school students the opportunity to practice mindful breathing, and teaches exercises to enhance their capacity for maintaining a “focused calm mind” under pressure.
    Reinforced is research-based information about teen brains such as brain functioning (general and developmental), amygdala hijack/cave person brain, how our brain responds to stress, and the impact this could have, as well as how to use mindfulness techniques to counter any negative biological responses to stressors. Additionally, participants will gain a better understanding of stress and performance. They will learn how to (a) ease negative stress, and (b) use positive stress as a means to set aside the distraction of anxiety in the moment or to recuperate quickly once it starts, so they may access and use the knowledge they have gained through classes and studying. Sessions includes lecture, disussion and opportunities to practice mindfulness meditation and mindful activities.
    Information is provided about everyday mind/body self care, and especially in the days leading up to a high performance event including SATs, ACTs and AP Exams. Each sesion series is scheduled to allow preparation for upcoming Spring and Summer standardized college admissions tests. Now offered online and in the midst of a new normal, students may find itt harder to concentrate and maitain an optimal state of mind, or return to calm if they encounter difficulty with questions or the nline process.

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    May 8
    3:00 pm - 4:30 pm


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