We learned we were having six guests, a family spanning three generations, come to stay and visit the history within D.C. back in January. That’s when it started.

We had two months to get things in shape as well as figure out where people were going to sleep. You probably have experienced the same and that’s when your eyes open to spots on the walls, cabinets that need to be organized, the yard’s a wreck and you have dirty windows.

But it doesn’t stop there. Then the towels you use every day look down trodden, couch pillows slouched and losing shape, table napkins threadbare. And we didn’t get off cheap. We bought a new couch.

When company comes, it’s actually an opportunity to refresh and give the house a boost. Make an impression. Create a nice living space. Stay updated.

My mom had a plaque on our kitchen wall that said, “No matter where I serve my guests, it seems they like my kitchen best.”

As a realtor, I can speak to the high importance of a nice kitchen to prospective homebuyers. For inspiration, check out these inspired kitchens showcased by Houzz magazine.

Guest post from Melinda Schnare, a real estate agent with RLAH Real Estate.

Mike Diegel

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