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We have the ears and eyes of Silver Spring and Takoma Park residents (average 70,000+ unique visitors per month, and 3100+ weekly email subscribers). We are specific to Silver Spring and Takoma Park with 95% of our audience living in Silver Spring, Takoma Park, and the immediate surrounding areas. Meaning, you’re NOT wasting money advertising to people that live in other areas and commute in for work, or to people that don’t have access to your business.

Over 65% of our audience works in Silver Spring, Takoma Park or the immediate surrounding areas. So, the majority of those people stay here to work, which means that they are around during the day and could be patrons of your business.

Our audience is spread out evenly across all age ranges with the highest only being 15% (30-35-year-old). Our audience’s ethnicity is similarly diverse. This means our coverage and stories attract a diverse group of people – meaning that your ad is definitely going to reach the demographic that you want.

We care about the success of the community. “Rising tide raises all ships”. That is literally the reason that we started this company. We intend on continuing to be a resource to help the community and its businesses thrive, as we are also residents of Silver Spring and Takoma Park.

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Mike Diegel, Editor
David Lay, Site Manager