A Night of Laughter: Interfaith Comedy Show Hits Takoma Park Community Center

In an era marked by division and contentious discourse, the comedians of Interfaith Comedy are fostering understanding through humor on the subject of different religions.

A group of five comedians hailing from diverse religious backgrounds will showcase their talents in a stand-up performance on March 14 at the Takoma Park Community Center, as part of the Takoma Park Arts series. Attendance is open to all, with no tickets or reservations necessary.

Founded by comedian and producer Carmiya Weinraub, a modern Orthodox Jew, the group aims to combat prejudice through laughter. Each comedian focuses on making light-hearted jests specifically related to their own faith.

“I wanted to create a space to amplify performers whose voices aren’t often heard in the wider community, including Muslim and Orthodox Jewish comedians, and put these voices in front of audiences that might not hear them otherwise,” Weinraub said. “Our group has both observant and non-observant members of different religions so we highlight many aspects of living a life influenced by religion, whether you were just raised that way or currently practice.”

The stand-up routines will be followed by a Q&A session, offering an opportunity for the comedians and attendees to share personal stories or anecdotes about their religious journeys. Additional information about the group can be found on their website at interfaithcomedy.com.

Weinraub will be joined by fellow comedians PT Bratton (Baptist and Pentecostal), Riva Riley (formerly Hindu and presently atheist), Shahryar Rizvi (Muslim), and Fish Stark (Unitarian Universalist).

“Interfaith Comedy is making a difference,” Weinraub said. “In today’s world, audiences really appreciate a show filled with positivity and connection, and that’s what we give them.”

The Takoma Park Arts series, organized by the City of Takoma Park’s Arts and Humanities Division, features a variety of free cultural events like concerts, film screenings, poetry readings, and dance performances at the Takoma Park Community Center. All events are free of charge and do not require tickets or reservations.

Photo Courtesy of The City of Takoma Park

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