Chaotic Scenes as Police Confront Reckless Drivers in Takoma Park

A gathering of reckless drivers last Saturday night in Takoma Park involved individuals wearing body armor and many people banging on police car hoods and bumpers, according to police.

Takoma Park Police spokesperson Cathy Plevy reported that officers were called to the intersection of New Hampshire Avenue and Ethan Allen Avenue around 11:15 p.m. last Saturday in response to reports of a reckless driving gathering. When officers arrived, they found a chaotic scene with a large crowd gathered at the intersection, surrounding several vehicles engaged in dangerous maneuvers such as burnouts and donuts.

As officers approached, the crowd’s attention shifted towards them, swiftly surrounding the police vehicles. The situation escalated when individuals began striking the police vehicles, including the hood and bumpers while provoking the officers. Despite activating their emergency equipment to disperse the crowd, officers found the situation worsening.

Heightening the tension, some crowd members were seen wearing ballistic plate carriers, and one individual revealed a handgun tucked into their waistband before blending into the crowd. Fearing for public safety, Takoma Park Police sought assistance from Montgomery County Police and Prince George’s County Police.

Upon the arrival of additional law enforcement from neighboring areas, the crowd and reckless drivers began dispersing, many driving southbound on New Hampshire Avenue towards the District of Columbia. Metropolitan Police Department was alerted with lookouts provided.

“These reckless meet-ups violate several of Maryland’s transportation laws and are illegal,” Plevy said. “They are dangerous and jeopardize the safety and tranquility of our community. We are working with our allied partners in law enforcement to address this serious issue through education, enforcement, and changes to legislation.”

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact Takoma Park Police at (301) 270-1100.

TPPD Graphic

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