Takoma Park Library, Community Center Renovation Update

Takoma Park city officials recently provided an update on the progress of the Library and Community Center renovations.

Library renovation construction is gaining momentum, according to officials. The first few trees were removed because of space limitations at the project site. The city is partnering with Treincarnation to evaluate, process, and reclaim the wood from trees, which will then be used to make furniture for the new facilities.

Construction and utility work will continue at the site.

City officials shared the following updates:

  • The need to expand and renovate the facilities on the site means that some trees, including a spruce and three willow oaks, must be removed. One of the oaks was planted in memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., emphasizing the importance of approaching this task with care and respect.
  • The design and construction process for the Library and Community Center Redevelopment Project in the City has prioritized resourcefulness and sustainability. This approach extends to the careful consideration given to the trees that will need to be cleared from the building site.
  • Experts have provided input on the decision to remove the trees and how they can be reused. City officials have prepared information about the factors that influenced the plan.

City officials are collaborating with Treincarnation to assess, process, and repurpose the trees:

  • It is important to note that it is not possible to determine in advance if the trees can be salvaged.
  • Treincarnation cannot guarantee the usability of the wood from the removal, but they are experts in salvaging such material and are skilled at creating enduring furniture.
  • The goal is to repurpose the wood into furniture for the new facilities, providing long-term enjoyment.

“The Library and Community Center Redevelopment Project will result in new, sustainable facilities for all Takoma Park residents to enjoy,” officials said. This ambitious LEED Gold project is situated on a site definitively bound by its surrounding structures and infrastructure.”

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