Takoma Park Teens Arrested for Stolen Auto, Other Offenses

Police in Takoma Park say that two teens are facing several charges in connection with the theft of a vehicle reported in Rockville.

Police spokesperson Cathy Plevy said that at approximately 9:51 a.m. on Tuesday, officers located a stolen vehicle with two juveniles inside in the 6700 block of Gude Ave. The driver began to move away when officers approached, driving off the road and onto a tree stump. After assessing that the juveniles were not injured, the officers determined that the vehicle they were traveling in was reported stolen by Rockville police.

The suspects, both 15-year-old males from Takoma Park, were charged with auto theft, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, and various other traffic offenses.

The teens were released into the custody of their parents, Plevy said.

The investigation is ongoing. Takoma Park Police are asking anyone with information to contact them at (301) 270-1100.

Photo: © tippapatt – stock.adobe.com

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