New Artwork by Veterans on Display at the Takoma Park Community Center

New artwork created by veterans is now on display at the Takoma Park Community Center at 7500 Maple Ave., according to an announcement from city officials.

The Uniting US exhibition, which opened last year, was organized by the City of Takoma Park’s Arts and Humanities Division and the Uniting US organization, which helps veterans and their families create art as a means of healing and financial support.

New artwork has been installed to provide an opportunity for more veterans to share their work, according to the announcement.

“Art can provide an important avenue for healing from past traumas,” Brendan Smith, the City’s arts and humanities coordinator, said in a statement. “The City of Takoma Park is proud to support veteran artists as a means of thanking them for their service and sharing their creativity with the public.”

The artwork is on view on the second and third floors of the Community Center. Sculpture, as well as other mixed-media work, can be seen in display cases near the library.

The collection is on view until April 20. More information about the exhibition and artwork available for purchase can be found on the Uniting US website.

Artwork image: The Three Graces by Ted Berkowitz, courtesy The City of Takoma Park

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