Police Share Holiday Package Tips

The Takoma Park Police Department has shared a Community Advisory with tips to help prevent thefts during the holiday season.

“The holiday season is upon us and it’s is an opportune time for burglars and thieves to commit crimes,” reads the emailed Community Advisory. “Typically, there’s a jump in packages stolen from homes during the holidays. During the pandemic, even more people are shopping online and having packages delivered. This is an easy time for thieves because sometimes the person expecting a package doesn’t realize their package has been stolen until sometimes weeks after it was supposed to be delivered. Solutions to the problem include tracking your deliveries online and reporting missing bundles as soon as possible. And of course, try to be home when you’re expecting something valuable to arrive. If you can’t be there, make arrangements with a neighbor. A lot of times the thefts are not reported to police because those receiving the packages assume there was a problem with the delivery. We do encourage anybody who is missing a package after it has been verified through the shipping company to contact police and make a report.

“If you are sending something to someone please let those people know they need to be expecting it. Also, check for an expected package at the usual time your postal carrier delivers to your home. If using a shipping company or service, ask about other measures they offer to ensure delivery. The best way to do it is to require a signature, especially if you are sending a high-value item. Some companies will allow a neighbor to be designated to accept packages if the delivery comes when you are away from home. Be neighborly and ask a neighbor if they will accept a package for you, or ask them to keep an eye out if you know you have a package being delivered. But, be safe and wear a mask, social distance and wash your hands.


Photo: © C5Media/Adobe Stock

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