Takoma Park Project Creates Public Art Posters for Bus Shelters

In lieu of its regular public art exhibitions delayed by pandemic restrictions, Takoma Park’s Arts and Humanities Division has created a series of posters featuring works by local artists.

The seven different posters, designed by Charlotte Mann Lee, include 14 artists and are now on display at 14 bus shelters in Takoma Park in a series called Arts on the Move.

“Riding the bus is a great form of public transportation, and local bus shelters are small art galleries now that can brighten people’s day with a fun and healthy dose of art,” Arts and Humanities Division Coordinator Brendan Smith said in a press release.

Four posters include work by individual artists, while the others feature groups of artists in upcoming exhibitions.

The posters are located in bus shelters on Maple Avenue between Philadelphia Avenue and Sligo Creek Parkway, and on New Hampshire Avenue between Eastern Avenue and University Boulevard, as shown on this map.

“This project is a fantastic opportunity to help people feel good about being in a bus shelter where they can see something beautiful and thought provoking,” said local photographer Julius Kassovic, who focuses on photos taken along Sligo Creek. “It’s also a great opportunity to promote community pride.”

In addition to Kassovic, the featured artists are Samantha Viotty, Shana Kohnstamm, Debra Ambush, Stephanie Firestone, Michelle Frazier, Deborah Grayson, Sarah Louise Hyde, Michael Hyman, Frederik Langhendries, Craig Moran, Doug Schulte, Michael G. Stewart and G. Jackson Tanner.

The posters will be on display for three months.

Photos courtesy City of Takoma Park

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