Artist Restores Vandalized Public Art Project

The vandalized community picnic tables at the gazebo in Takoma Park have been restored, according to a Facebook post from Main Street Takoma.

“Tables are back! Thanks to Trap Bob for restoring the vandalized artwork,” the Facebook post reads. We are grateful for her work and inspired by her message.”

The murals painted by Washington, D.C.-based artist Tenbeete “Trap Bob” Solomon were defaced last month by a woman filmed using a razor blade to remove paint from picnic tables, prompting calls for a police investigation.

“Detectives from The Maryland-National Capital Park Police have concluded their investigation into this matter and will not charge the suspect in this case,” the Maryland-National Capital Park Police said in a statement. “Our decision is based on a number of factors that include information that is protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office has reviewed this case and fully supports our decision. The State’s Attorney’s Office also joins with our recommendation to refer the matter to the Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County. The mediation center intake and results or resolutions are kept confidential.”

statement from Main Street Takoma expressed disappointment at the decision not to press charges. “We are disappointed with the decision made by the Maryland-National Capital Park Police and the State’s Attorney regarding the vandalism of our tables at the Takoma Park Gazebo. We are consulting with the artist, the Montgomery County Branch of the NAACP, and other community leaders to determine appropriate next steps.”

“It offers no restitution to the artist or community and provides no acknowledgment or accountability of the harm done,” Takoma Park Mayor Kate Stewart said in a statement to WDVM. “I want to thank TrapBob for restoring the art work and I look forward to working with her, other artists, and members of our community to fight anti-Black racism.”

Photos: Main Street Takoma/Facebook

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