Takoma Park Seeks Citizen Preferences for Library Exterior Design

The City of Takoma Park is asking citizens to take a survey to indicate their preference for the exterior design of a renovated and reconstructed library, officials announced.

The survey provides a review of three designs submitted to the City Council in February by RRMM Lukmire Architects. The presentation included a project cost estimate of more than $8 million for each design.

The council then voted in April to authorize the city manager or her designee to enter into a contract with the firm for continued concept design, potential detailed design, and engineering for the library renovation.

The survey includes renderings of each option, side-by-side comparisons of each design, and cost comparisons.

Participants then have the opportunity to rank each option from most preferred to least preferred.

Once the design is chosen and finished, the council will decide whether to proceed with construction later this year, the announcement said.

The deadline to complete the survey is July 5.

Screenshots of Option 1 (above), 2 and 3 from the Takoma Park web survey.

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