School Boundaries: A Most Explosive Political Question

Montgomery County’s population is not only principally center-left, but also highly educated and employed in professions requiring years of training and the accretion of intellectual capital. Not surprisingly, they have an absolute belief in the necessity of high-quality education in preparing their children for a globally competitive labor market.

School Board to Consider Recommendation for Northwood Expansion

CORRECTION: We mistook the date on the .pdf for the date of action. The board is scheduled to consider this recommendation from the superintendent at tonight’s meeting. The March 14 document (linked to below) was the final report to the board. The Montgomery County School Board has approved a recommendation to proceed with a two-year expansion project at Northwood High … Read More

Northwood Students’ Suicide Prevention PSAs to Air in Local Theaters

Two suicide prevention public service announcements produced by three Northwood High School students were selected to air in local theaters beginning this month. The top two PSAs were “Get Help,” submitted by Sophie Geiger and “See How You Can Help,” submitted by Rowan Arnold and Jay Hutchins, according to a release from the county’s Department of Health and Human Services. … Read More

County DHHS, Gandhi Brigade Sponsoring Video PSA Contest

The county’s Department of Health and Human Services and Gandhi Brigade Youth Media are sponsoring a contest for middle and high school students who create a video public service announcement. The purpose of the video is to support the campaign by to raise awareness about teen suicide prevention. The contest, open to county students only, asks students to produce a … Read More