Local Residents Launch Source of the Spring

Two local residents today launched the Source of the Spring, a news site devoted to covering news and information from Silver Spring and Takoma Park.

“For several years now, I’ve heard from a number of people about the lack of local news coverage in this area,” said co-founder Mike Diegel, who lives in Northwood/Four Corners. “Our aim is to fill that void and moreover, become a must-read for our neighbors.”

“When I moved into the Columbia Heights/Petworth neighborhood down in Washington, D.C., over a decade ago, there was a ton of development happening and I was always curious as to what each and every abandoned building was going to become,” said co-founder Mike Mowery. “Eventually I found one particular site I liked, and referenced it each and every time my curiosity was piqued—it was my source.  As I became more and more entrenched in the Silver Spring community, and starting to see all of the development activity, I noticed a void in coverage here.  Along with my partner, we aim to become a defining resource for what is pertinent to Silver Spring residents—not just development, but for most everything else, too.”

The site’s coverage area includes the area south of the Beltway, Four Corners, east to the Prince George’s County line, south to the Washington D.C. line and west to Rock Creek Park. The stories will include general news, county news that affects the specific coverage area, business and development news, entertainment news and profiles of local residents.

Diegel is a longtime Silver Spring advocate who has been appointed by the county executive to several committees and task forces. He currently is a member of the Silver Spring Arts & Entertainment District Advisory Committee. His background is in journalism and communications; he earned a bachelor of arts in communications from McDaniel College.

Mowery is an active community member and business owner. He is a partner in the Fenton Street Market, director of Leo’s Run, and president of Outerloop Management, a music management firm representing 40-plus internationally recognized artists. He holds a bachelor of science degree in environmental studies from the University of California at Santa Barbara and lives in East Silver Spring.

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