County police arrest suspect in attempted break-in

Photo from WikiMedia Commons

Montgomery County Police this morning arrested a suspect in an attempted break-in on Easley Street in East Silver Spring.

One resident, Daniel Eichner, spoke to police and wrote on his local listserv, “Apparently, he tried to break into a house on Easley but the homeowner was at home and scared him off. The homeowner called the cops and they chased the guy down.”

Other residents spotted suspicious activity prior to the arrest, including Lynn Koiner of Koiner Farm. She shared her experience in a listserv post as well.

“I forgot my purse and came back home to find some man walking around from the back of my house,” she wrote. “He tried to get away from me and then started to run. This time, great neighbors were on hand to call the police. I ran down Grove and a car picked me up. I jumped in his car and we stopped where the guy ran into a yard at 8211 Grove—but the police were just ahead of us. We jumped out and the policeman got out.

“They soon got the man. It seems that many people had started calling the police around 10am, spotting a suspicious man jumping over fences and going into yards,” she continued. “I am so glad that our neighbors are observant and reactive.”

Police have not yet released the suspect’s identity.

(All quotes used with permission.)

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