Crave Café in Downtown Silver Spring May Be Permanently Closed

Crave Café in downtown Silver Spring appears closed and may be permanent.

“I live in the 1200 East West apartments above this place and haven’t seen it open in weeks now,” a downtown resident posted on Reddit in /r/SilverSpring. “All of the chairs were removed and sitting out in a hallway for about a week, then put back. Now I noticed a couple of nights ago that they’ve taken the hours of operation off the door.”

The outlet’s website is currently offline, and their social media accounts were last updated in March.

I think we lost Crave Cafe, y’all
byu/Mindless-Employment inSilverSpring

Crave Café opened last year at 1200 East-West Highway in downtown Silver Spring, replacing Bump ‘n Grind, which later moved to its permanent location inside the Analog Market at 923 Gist Ave. and opened a kiosk inside the Brigadier General Charles E. McGee Library.

Crave Café management did not respond to messages regarding its status, which is currently listed on Google as permanently closed. The Source will update as more information becomes available.

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