Montgomery County Parking Garages: Deep Cleaning Begins April 8th

The county’s Department of Transportation will begin its biannual interior washdown on April 8 to degrease and clean 21 county-owned parking garages in Silver Spring, Wheaton, and Bethesda.

The cleanings will occur during nights and weekends, starting with the Bethesda garages and concluding with the Silver Spring garages on Saturday, June 1. Some garages, including select entrance/exit areas and ramps, may experience partial closures during the cleanings.

According to MCDOT, the spring and fall washdowns are essential for keeping the garages clean and preventing grease, oil, and debris from entering local waterways. Regular cleanings also help prevent structural deterioration caused by prolonged exposure to salt, sand, oils, gas, dirt, pollen, and leaves.

MCDOT contractors will try to minimize disruptions to garage traffic and parked vehicles. Signs will be posted to notify customers of any expected access impacts.

The full schedule of garage cleanings can be found on the MCDOT website (PDF).

Photo: © เลิศลักษณ์ ทิพชัย –

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