Montgomery County Celebrates “Earth Month” with Eco-Friendly Activities and Events

The county’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has designated April “Earth Month,” featuring activities and events promoting environmental awareness and stewardship within the community.

Throughout the month, residents can participate in various initiatives on sustainability, conservation, and eco-friendly living practices. From educational workshops to community cleanup efforts, the DEP collaborates with local organizations to positively impact the local environment. The month-long celebration will culminate on April 27 with “GreenFest,” the county’s largest annual environmental festival.

“I encourage everyone in our community to act now and join us in celebrating Earth Month and as we renew our commitment to protecting the environment,” County Executive Marc Elrich said in a press release. “Take a composting class, join a neighborhood cleanup and come to GreenFest. By engaging in these meaningful activities and promoting sustainable practices, we can make a difference in our County today and for generations to come.”

Earth Month activities will include:

  • Earth Month Clean-Up Events: Residents can join DEP staff and community members in neighborhood cleanup efforts at various county locations, providing an opportunity to actively preserve the natural beauty of the surroundings.
  • Composting and Recycling Workshops: The DEP will host a series of workshops covering topics such as composting, energy efficiency, and sustainable gardening, empowering participants with practical knowledge and tips for reducing their environmental footprint.
  • Food Waste Prevention Week Education: As part of the county’s effort to reduce food waste, the DEP will provide information on food waste prevention at grocery stores throughout April.
  • Illumination Stations: The DEP hosts events where residents can apply for energy assistance and exchange old incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs for new energy-efficient LED light bulbs, promoting energy savings and cost reductions.
  • GreenFest 2024: On Saturday, April 27, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., the DEP and a coalition of public and nonprofit partners will host the annual GreenFest event at the Blackrock Center for the Arts in Germantown.

“Simply put, Earth Month is about individuals, communities, schools and other partner organizations taking action to help our environment,” said DEP Director Jon Monger. “I hope you will join in community cleanups, Earth Day fairs, composting workshops and other events and ways to learn more about how we can individually and collectively take action as stewards of our planet.”

For a comprehensive calendar of Earth Month events, visit the Montgomery County DEP website.


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