Metro’s Safety Boost: Increased Police Patrols on Trains and Buses

Metro recently announced plans to increase the visibility of Transit Police officers in stations and step up patrols throughout the system.

Special police officers will be seen walking on trains and buses to offer a sense of security and address illegal activities in real time; train intercom announcements will notify customers of officers actively patrolling on board.

To amplify these efforts, Metro is leveraging over 30,000 cameras on buses, trains, and in stations. These advanced cameras produce clear images utilized by the Metro Transit Police and local law enforcement to swiftly respond to incidents and emergencies, aiding in suspect identification and arrests.

In 2023, Metro increased patrols by 70% through collaborations with local law enforcement and special police officers. The agency said that overall enforcement has surged by 300%, and the installation of new faregates at various locations contributed to reduced fare evasion. Consequently, Metro has recorded a 14% decrease in crime. Metrorail ridership saw a 24% increase year-to-date, while Metrobus ridership rose by 15%, according to a press release.

“As ridership increases, we want customers to see our officers and feel confident that we’re doing our part to keep them safe,” said Metro Transit Police Chief Michael Anzallo. “We hope customers will interact with the special police officers during their patrols and develop a rapport that promotes positive community connections.”

Additionally, a safety campaign is being launched on social media and digital signs across the region to showcase how these initiatives will enhance the customer experience and reduce crime. For additional details on Metro’s safety campaign, visit

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