Silver Spring Spotlight: ‘If You Lived Here’ Episode Re-Airing Monday

The WETA television series If You Lived Here will re-air the Silver Spring episode on Monday night.

If You Lived Here is a house-hunting series that also “spotlights D.C.-area neighborhoods and properties while celebrating each locale’s history, culture, notable places and flavor,” according to WETA’s website.

Christine Louise and the late John Begeny, who have hosted other shows in the past, are the hosts of the 30-minute shows. In each episode, they explore a neighborhood with a local real estate agent who shows them three properties: a starter home, a mid-level home, and an aspirational dream home. After each tour, Louise and Begeny compete to guess the listing price, according to Washingtonian.

Silver Spring was featured in the first season of the series, which will re-air at 8:30 p.m. Monday on WETA Metro (video below), while Takoma Park made an appearance in a later episode.

Photo: © Kristina Blokhin – (thanks to reader Gus B. for the tip!)

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