Plan Ahead: Red Line Station Closures for Purple Line Project

Metro is advising customers about weekend construction for the Purple Line project, leading to the closure of four Red Line stations between Takoma and Glenmont.

On January 27-28, free shuttle buses will replace trains between Takoma and Glenmont. The Silver Spring, Forest Glen, Wheaton, and Glenmont stations will be closed.

The Purple Line construction, managed by the State of Maryland and separate from the Metro system, necessitates the closure due to its proximity to Metro’s Red Line.

Beyond the construction area, Red Line trains will operate on a regular schedule, with frequent service every six minutes during the day and every 10 minutes in the evening. Metro’s Blue, Orange, Silver, Yellow, and Green lines will also run normal service throughout the weekend.

According to a press release, Metro will use the station closures as an opportunity to perform other critical work to ensure safe and reliable service for customers. Over the weekend, maintenance crews will be replacing a switch that is a crucial part of the interlocking and signal system. This system ensures the safe movement of trains from one track to another. The switch is made up of multiple components and includes a movable piece of rail that switches between two sets of tracks.

While one team focuses on the switch and interlocking, another group will be carrying out routine maintenance. This involves replacing sections of rail, fasteners that hold the rail to cross ties or grout pads, and welding rail joints to create a smoother ride.

In addition to this, the communications teams will be installing new fiber optic cables, which are essential for more advanced signaling and rail technology. They will also be working on electrical tasks and installing emergency communication call boxes. Meanwhile, workers in tunnel sections will be addressing any leaks, and maintenance teams above ground will be clearing nearby vegetation that could obstruct the tracks.

Additional details and travel alternatives are available on Metro’s website.

Photo: “WMATA 7000 series Red Line train at Twinbrook 2023-01-07” by John Brighenti is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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