Automated Pizza Vending Machine Arrives in Downtown Silver Spring

An automated pizza vending machine is now available at the Arrive Silver Spring apartment building in downtown Silver Spring.

Toronto-based PizzaForno, which operates unmanned pizza vending machines, claims that the pizzas are stored fresh and refrigerated — not frozen — and are baked in under three minutes.

PizzaForno operates by allowing customers to order and pay for pizzas through a digital screen on the machine or via the app. Once an order is placed, a robotic arm takes the customer’s selected uncooked pizza from a refrigerated section of the machine and places it in a convection oven.

Each vending machine has 70 12-inch pizzas with a menu that has six types of pies. The pizza choices include four cheese, pepperoni, barbecue chicken, Hawaiian, meat lovers, and vegetarian, and they range from $10 to $13. However, PizzaForno does not have gluten-free or vegan options.

The pizza bakes in three minutes and is then placed into a box, which pops out of a slot in the front of the machine, similar to an ATM.

As stated on PizzaForno’s website, the pizza has a sell-by-date of three days, and the machines are regularly stocked with fresh pizzas. Any pizzas that exceed the three-day shelf life are removed from the machines.

PizzaForno initially launched in Toronto and by 2020, the company had established locations across the greater Toronto area. These locations included hospitals, campuses, gas stations, resort towns, and various other areas. The company has successfully expanded into Texas, Georgia, and Michigan, and is now signing licensees across the United States and Mexico.

Thanks to @MyLineIsRed & @JamileeD for the tip!

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