Country Boy Market Likely to Close Before Christmas: Report

Country Boy Market in Glenmont may close before Christmas, according to an update on the market’s Facebook page and reported by The MoCo Show.

“Hello everyone. I am still buying eggs, produce, milk, bread and beer for purchase. All of my wines are gone. Still have a nice selection of non alcoholic wines for discounted sale. All of my firewood is gone. I have started discounting the craft beers to the lowest you will ever see. So if you want a deal on craft beers, now is the time to stop by. I still do not have a definite day that we will be closing. It All depends now on how fast the craft beers and other items sell out. I will carry fresh produce till the end. I still have apples at $1.00 a pound. Looking forward, I will probably close a little before Christmas. I will post an update later. Thank you.”

The local institution revealed in September that it would shut down after operating for nearly 70 years. The store offers a variety of products for different needs, such as Christmas trees, firewood, groceries, alcohol, and even mulch or soil.

“From our beginning as a produce stand on Georgia Avenue to our location today, we have enjoyed sharing memories with you and your families,” the market said in September. Thank you for everything.”

Country Boy Market graphic

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