All Set Restaurant & Bar Hosting Oyster Eating Contest

All Set Restaurant & Bar in downtown Silver Spring will host its inaugural oyster eating contest in honor of National Oyster Day.

The contest will take place from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 5. Chef/owner Ed Reavis will kick off the event with an oyster shucking demonstration.

The competitors will have one minute to consume as many oysters as possible. Each oyster may be flavored and dressed before the competition begins, but the oysters must not be touched until the timer begins. The contestant who consumes the greatest number of oysters in one minute will be proclaimed the winner. A tie will result in each contestant receiving an additional two dozen oysters, and the competitor who swallows them the fastest will be declared the winner.

A panel of judges will count the number of oysters consumed by each contestant. In addition, they will punish those who violate competition rules by leaving oyster meat on the shell or expelling oysters.

Winners will receive one dozen oysters daily for one calendar year, All Set Restaurant & Bar merchandise, and supreme bragging rights.

Participants must sign an event waiver and pay a $25 registration fee. The waivers and fees must be signed and paid by Wednesday, August 2.

A copy of the contest package, which includes registration information and waivers, can be downloaded from All Set’s website.

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