Starbucks Near Opening in Downtown Silver Spring

Starbucks appears to be very close to opening at the Blairs Shops in downtown Silver Spring.

In May, we reported that Starbucks was hiring for its new store at 1316 East-West Highway, which had been home to Peet’s Coffee. As signage and fixtures are now installed and supply shipments are beginning to arrive, the store appears to be very close to opening.

The company still has job openings at the store for baristas and shift supervisors, with hourly wages ranging from $16.50 to $23.79. The job postings expire on August 1; interested candidates can apply online.

Starbucks returns to the neighborhood after closing its location near the Silver Spring Metro entrance in December 2020; the kiosk in the adjacent Giant supermarket is licensed and not owned or operated by the company.

An opening date has not been announced. The Source will update as more information becomes available.

Photo by David Lay

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