Umami Now Temporarily Closed Until July

In a strange turn of events, the newly-opened Umami Ramen, Sushi & Dumplings at 930 Wayne Ave. in downtown Silver Spring is now temporarily closed until July, according to signage posted at the restaurant.

“Due to the need in updating our systems and perfecting it, we are going to close our store temporarily,” the sign reads. “Thank you for understanding and see you guys soon in July.”

Umami opened last week in the former home of City Taste, which was placed for sale earlier this year. We reported in April that City Taste had been placed on the market for $1.59 Million in a now-deleted LoopNet listing. There was a lease option on the 1,691-square-foot space, and the property tax bill for 2022 was $11,100.25, which included water and building maintenance costs.

City Taste opened in 2017. In addition to sushi and sashimi, the restaurant also served Chinese and Thai cuisine. The extensive menu listed 70 sushi rolls alone. Other choices included teriyaki, hibachi, and tempura selections, noodle dishes including pad thai, and Thai curry choices, many of the familiar Chinese dishes like General Tso’s chicken, Hunan, and Szechuan entrees, and vegetarian options.

Compared to City Taste, Umami’s menu is decidedly more Japanese, with sushi dominating the menu, as well as offering ramen, takoyaki, and soup dumplings.

The Source will update as more information becomes available.

Photos by David Lay (thanks to @jillian_mcguffey & @asabih08 on Instagram for the info!)

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