Hexagon Political Comedy Revue Returns at New Silver Spring Location

The Hexagon nonprofit political comedy troupe will make its post-pandemic return at a new location in Silver Spring on Friday evening.

“Washington’s Only Political Satirical Musical Comedy Revue” will relaunch with eight live shows from April 21-29 at the Cultural Arts Center of Montgomery College, located at 7995 Georgia Ave. in downtown Silver Spring.

As reported by WTOP, Hexagon had shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic; the troupe lost President Joe Kaplan to the disease in 2020:

“Spring of 2019 was the last show we had before the pandemic and our President Joe Kaplan called everything off,” Hexagon’s Gene Tighe said to WTOP. “We haven’t really been in active mode since then, so it’s just been in the last eight to nine months that we’ve had a groundswell of people who have come forward and said, ‘Let’s do the show. We think Joe would have wanted that,’ so we’ve kind of dedicated the show to him.”

Kaplan’s widow Ellen collaborated with Neil McElroy on the new show, themed “Sedition Edition,” which parodies today’s political climate:

“It’s going to bring some of the hot issues of the day,” Tighe said. “Across the board, both sides, we’re hoping to get some belly laughs from people … needless to say, the 800-ton gorilla is the War in Ukraine. We have a ton of stuff going on with President Biden and of course his nemesis (Donald Trump). A lot of folks are wondering about the economy, looking behind our backs, and of course civil unrest has become an issue for young people.”

Founded in 1955, Hexagon performs an original, political, satirical musical comedy revue each year, both to entertain and to raise funds for local charities.

Tickets for “Sedition Edition” are $25 and are available from Hexagon’s website.

Graphic Courtesy of Hexagon

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