Silver Spring Cares Launches GoFundMe Campaign for Displaced Arrive Silver Spring Residents

Silver Spring Cares has launched a GoFundMe campaign to address the immediate needs of residents who were displaced by the fire at the Arrive Silver Spring apartment complex.

Following the three-alarm fire that occurred on February 18, at least 89 apartments were condemned and hundreds were displaced.

The county has established a fund through the Silver Spring nonprofit Montgomery Housing Partners in order to address long-term housing needs. According to Silver Spring Cares founder Liz Brent, the county sought assistance in collecting funds for more immediate use.

“In the wake of the apartment fire at Arrive Silver Spring, more than 100 families are displaced from their homes, and over 40 families will not be able to return,” Brent said via email. “Many Arrive residents lost everything and are currently being housed in hotels without access to cooking facilities. With no living stipend from renters insurance, they are having to buy all of their meals from restaurants, which can be a significant hardship, especially for those with larger families.”

Brent said the funds raised would help these neighbors pay for meals and manage their increased living costs while they are waiting to return home or be rehoused. Funds will be distributed in partnership with the county’s Department of Health and Human Services.

Restaurant gift cards may be donated in lieu of donations to the GoFundMe campaign by contacting Silver Spring Cares via their website.

Photo: Pete Piringer / Twitter


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