GoFundMe Fundraiser Established for Peet’s Coffee Staff

A GoFundMe fundraiser has been set up for the staff of Peet’s Coffee in downtown Silver Spring, which will close on Oct. 30.

The café’s baristas, who were informed of the closure last week, are being laid off without severance, according to the fundraiser’s description.

“On Oct. 12, the staff of Peet’s Coffee in Silver Spring, MD learned that their store is closing permanently on Oct. 30,” the fundraiser’s description reads. “Since 2014, manager Mark Wilson and his team successfully created and have maintained an exceptionally welcoming place. A wide diversity of people from various walks of life talked, worked, and made new friends and acquaintances. Especially during this pandemic, we have come to rely on the friendly, capable crew at our Peet’s for a good start to our day.

“Please join us by donating to thank the Peet’s Silver Spring staff and financially support them during this unexpected and undeserved job termination – without severance. We will miss them, and so will their parent corporation – the Silver Spring store is one of the top revenue producers for Peet’s in [the] metro DMV.”

Starbucks, which closed its location near the Silver Spring Metro entrance in December of 2020, is set to take over the space.

Photo courtesy of Peet’s Coffee (h/t @JheanelleW)


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