Bump ‘n Grind to Transform Analog Market Into “One-of-a-Kind Third Space”

Bump ‘n Grind is set to transform its Analog Market location at 923 Gist Ave. in downtown Silver Spring into a “one-of-a-kind third space”, according to an email from owner David Fogel.

Plans for the space include an outdoor garden, indoor coffee house/restaurant, vinyl/piano bar, and back patio while maintaining the Analog Market on the second floor, Fogel said.

The project has been proposed by Fogel as a community-led initiative. In order to raise money for the project, Fogel is offering a promissory note option, paid back in monthly increments, starting at $10,000, plus some other perks.

The full text of the email is below:

It takes courage and a bit of gumption to pull the curtain back, share one’s dreams and ask for help.

Here we are. After the trauma of the pandemic, leaving our space of 7 years at 1200 East-West Highway, I told myself I’d never put myself, my family, [or] my business in such a situation again. After a 2+ year journey, I’ve found a great deal and opportunity on what I hope will be Bump ’n Grind’s forever home, and I need financial help to make it happen.

In July, Bump ’n Grind took over 923 Gist Ave. in downtown Silver Spring. Over the past few months, with 7 other small businesses, we’ve transformed the 1950’s home into Analog Market. A place where people can come together, [and] discover everything from antiques and collectibles to clothes from around the world and jewelry made here locally.
We hope to continue transforming the space into a one-of-a-kind third space complete with an outdoor garden; [an] indoor cozy coffee house/restaurant; a Vinyl/Piano bar, and [a] back patio while maintaining Analog Market on the second floor. Our mission remains the same, creating a unique – neighborhood serving third space. A space built on our pillars: Coffee, Music, and Community that helps define and reflect who we are.

We’ve got a great team pouring their hearts and souls into the design and concept. We need to raise money to make it happen. To that end, Bump ’n Grind is reaching out to our community, offering promissory note options, paid back in monthly increments, starting at $10,000 plus some additional perks (coffee pun intended). Over the course of our 11 years, we’ve benefitted from a series of promissory notes that have helped us grow. We successfully finished them all and never missed a payment.

We’ve grown a lot over 11 years. Expanding our presence and impact in the coffee community through our roasting operation in Kensington; supporting musicians through music and our record label, and creating meaningful spaces and partnerships with other small businesses where people come together to share dreams, visions, time, and space. If the above concept of BnG’s Forever Home is something you’d like to see, visit, [and] have in your neighborhood – we could really use your help manifesting it.

Please reach out to me, David, directly if you’re interested, want to learn more, [or] can help play an integral part [in] our continued journey and evolution: [email protected]

Photos Courtesy of Bump ‘n Grind


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