Go Brent Realty Launches “Matchmaking” Site for Home Buyers

Go Brent Realty has launched a website as a new option for homeowners looking to move to a new house, broker/owner Liz Brent announced.

The site, I Would Move If I Could, is described as a free matchmaking database open to any homeowner in the Washington metropolitan area.

Interested users can go to the site and enter information such as what type of house they’re looking for, the location, convenience to transit—as much as they feel comfortable including, and may edit or update it at any time.

Those who participate will only be contacted if Brent has a potential match, or questions that could help make a match.

“The inventory crisis in our area has been building for over a decade, and I don’t see it improving any time soon,” said Brent in the announcement. “We know there are many homeowners out there who would move if they could.

“I’m looking for creative ways to help them,” she continued. “Anytime someone is able to get a home in a way that they haven’t before…that’s a win.”

Go Brent Realty has offices in downtown Silver Spring and Hyattsville.

Go Brent graphic

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