Tacos Don Perez to Open “Biggest Food Trailer in MoCo” on Saturday

Tacos Don Perez is set to open the “Biggest Food Trailer in MoCo” at the Glenmont Shopping Center on Saturday, March 19, according to a report from The MoCo Show.

“Tacos Don Perez started off as a small family-run catering business back in 2017 and continued to be until May 2020,” reads the outlet’s website. “We became a once-a-week home-based pop-up out of necessity when our family was left without work due to the COVID-19 pandemic and quickly gained support from our local community who helped us sell out every single week in a matter of hours. With their support, we were able to buy and custom-build our own food truck which is now located in the Glenmont Shopping Center.”

The food truck was praised by Tim Carman of The Washington Post in his November 2021 article about the rising popularity of birria tacos. “Should the sun be shining on the day you visit the truck, tucked next to a Sunoco gas station, you might have an experience similar to mine: Everything — the quesobirria tacos, the birria quesadillas, the picnic tables, the jamaica agua fresca, the Tacos Don Perez logo affixed to the vehicle — seems to vibrate at a higher frequency, looking like a hyper-colored Pixar movie, one designed to make us unusually happy during a somber time,” Carman wrote.

Tacos Don Perez is stationed next to the Sunoco gas station at the Glenmont Shopping Center, located at 12321 Georgia Ave. The food truck is open from 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. A brick-and-mortar location is set to open in Spring 2023.

Photo: © Jeswin / Adobe Stock

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