Lemon Slice Café Owner Debuts YouTube Cooking Series

Lemon Slice Café owner Beth Yohannes has launched the YouTube cooking series Chef Beth Makes, according to posts on the restaurant’s Twitter account.

Yohannes demonstrates making the cafe’s Awaze and Pesto Bread in the series’ debut episode. She also discusses her partnership with Silver Spring-based CKC Farming, from where she sources many of the ingredients that compose the café’s menu.

Lemon Slice opened in September of 2019 at the lower level of 8737 Colesville Rd in downtown Silver Spring. A veteran of more than 20 years in the catering industry, Yohannes took over the space formerly occupied by Dip n Rolls, which closed in July of the same year. The café quickly gained popularity for combining Ethiopian ingredients with salads and sandwiches, notably the Kitfo Sandwich and the Awaze Tibs Panini.

Photo: Beth’s Kitchen/YouTube

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